Don’t believe the hype…

Next time a customer walks into your store ask yourself if retail is really dying or if you are doing nothing to make it better? Customer service, customer engagement, put the phone down and get their money into the drawer! Make a difference, don't believe the hype... the customers are there it's the customer service that is not.


Started out my LinkedIn day with "Today is the day you push yourself. It's not what you think about, it's what action you take! Don't live in your head, live in the moment! Don't think about it, do it! With a positive attitude and positive action you will make difference today on your life and... Continue Reading →

More about me and you.

You are not alone, be it a fear of losing your job, your family, death... you name it and you are not alone! Get up and move forward. Learn daily to let go of what is holding you back, let go with love and give up the thinking, focus on your actions at making a difference in your life and others!

A piece of my story… part 1

I have failed, honestly I have failed a lot, I have a Masters Degree and a Doctorate in failing.  I have also succeeded a lot, done some pretty amazing, difficult and inspiring things. None of that makes a fuck of a difference at this moment.

Where is your focus?

In times of turmoil, people need leaders. In times of uncertainty, people need leaders. In times of prosperity, people need leaders. In times of happiness, fear, sorrow, people need leaders. You can't gloss over change, you either embrace it and figure a way to adapt or you stay the same and become obsolete. #RetailAppocolypse


It is with sorrow and heavy heart that today we must say goodbye to our dear friend, “Sell What’s Available Today”, affectionately known to most of us as just good ole S.W.A.T.

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