More about me and you.

We all have our struggles, we have all had amazing events happen in our lives, experiences that have changed our lives for the good or bad.  When it was happening we couldn’t see it but the good came with the bad and the bad came with the good.  We just choose what to focus on at that time.  Life is about choices, it’s nothing but a series of choices and you and I have to own them!  Good or bad we own our choices, if you haven’t owned up and taken responsibility for your life and your choices then you have to start right now!  Not tomorrow, not in five hours just do it right now!  This is the start of your life, to owning yourself, to taking back control of your thoughts!  

You are not alone, be it a fear of losing your job, your family, death… you name it and you are not alone!  Get up and move forward.  Learn daily to let go of what is holding you back, let go with love and give up the thinking, focus on your actions at making a difference in your life and others!  

At 6 years old my sons mother chose partying and a boyfriend to our son, marriage, and life.  That was 10 years ago!   I was traveling the east coast for work, fixing problem stores, training managers and moving up towards my next position as a respected and talented manager.  It changed, at first it was rehab, but you can’t force another person to change even for the sake of their child.  Then after the rehab and halfway house the drugs, boyfriend and drinking came back literally overnight. I was a single father and had to explain to my son as best a man can as to why his mother never showed up, never called, and stole from him and made his life hard.  I was blessed, my family and friends stood by us, my four sisters and brother, my mother and father, while one side of his family made a choice to step away, the other stepped up and I will forever be grateful.  

During this time I fell into depression, I lost jobs that I was recruited for, I existed but I did not live.  But I can talk about that another time.  How did I change to a positive life?  

I chose it!  I killed my past, I buried and held funerals for all the people, places and pain that I used to know that changed during those times (they would never be the same so why not honor the loss of who they were). 

What I am getting at is however brutally you need to do it, you have to start believing in your self, start believing in a purpose, start living right now in this moment!  You must let go, let go with love, let go with God, let go of the idea that anyone else creates your life, and start creating your own life right fucking now!  

Don’t try to be someone else, be the best you ever, because you are the only you and no matter how up or down your life gets remember you matter!  

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