Where is your focus?

FTA“Saying you’re a coach… and being a real leader are two different things, not to be confused. Always aspire to inspire, tearing something down is easy, building something great, that takes talent!”

In times of turmoil, people need leaders. In times of uncertainty, people need leaders. In times of prosperity, people need leaders. In times of happiness, fear, sorrow, people need leaders. You can’t gloss over change, you either embrace it and figure a way to adapt or you stay the same and become obsolete. #RetailAppocolypse

The fake life most people lead on social media has pushed society so far from reality you might as well shoot yourself… too blunt, you’re right.  But giving up on what your real potential in life is just because you are a voyeur, wasting your limited and valuable time watching a carefully orchestrated snippet of someone’s Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram is fucking stupid, as stupid as shooting yourself. No death bed confession will ever say I wish I spent more time on Snapchat, and if it does then I’m kind of glad we thinned out the gene pool when that idiot takes their last breath.

You are wanting to be a new version of awesome, some amazing creation… wake up you already are!

You don’t need to take someone’s lips, another’s persons ass, mix it with some hair extensions and bam you become a clone… how’s that bank account of yours look? Did you mimic that shit too? You need to care about the most important person to walk this earth, you!

Become a better you because that is what you are here to do! The odds of you being created at the moment you were, all the infinite tiniest little things that had to fall into just the right order to produce you are beyond comprehension! That’s how every minute of your day should be spent, being you! Not a sheep, not a follower, but a creator of kindness, of love, of happiness, of real wealth, of comfort, of compassion, and of change! Make your own mark, and you can! People can sell you into success and power courses but even they will tell you “that shit is already in you”.

Fail but don’t let it crush you, succeed but don’t let it plateau you, appreciate every fucking moment you get to exist. This is about the NEW retail 101, not just a way to survive the #retailappocolypse, but how to change your mindset and your life!

True story; working in a mall we had a UPS driver, he was a laugh riot, dropped packages, cursed and argued with managers and customers, did not give a fuck, man smelled like his sweat and blood was replaced with grain alcohol, but he always smiled and always waved hi or bye… 30 something years old… Drank himself to death, done, gone, not replaced just no more time. That’s the gift people, TIME, how you use it, how you choose to give it, to watch some tv show or to take a walk through your city or the woods. To slam dunk on a six year old that’s going to think you are the greatest baller on the planet. To help someone that is to ashamed to admit it. Your time is your single most valuable thing you will EVER have.

It’s ok to want amazing stuff, educate yourself, save your money, learn about finances and work hard and you can own that mansion, but if you don’t take care of your apartment what makes you think you’re gonna take care of a mansion? If you rag out your 1992 Corolla what makes you think you will cherish your Ferrari… you fucking won’t.

Reality check my friend, you buy what they are selling you, from the image, the skinny jeans, to the social causes. You aren’t living by experience you are living through what you see online or on TV, you are vicariously watching the whole world while your life  passes you by!

“Saying you’re a coach… and being a real leader are two different things, not to be confused. Always aspire to inspire, tearing something down is easy, building something great, that takes talent! It takes the New Retail 101!”

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