Your job might have ended, but YOU are just beginning! 

Retail stores are closing at unprecedented rates!!!  AHHHHH RUN, HIDE we will hashtag it #retailappocolypse and other frightening tags all over the interweb landscape!

I read today that Dollar General is highering and building 1,000 stores.  Just in one plaza near my house we have Walmart, DSW, BuyBuy Baby, Dick’s and a bunch of other stores that are….. wait for it (oh shit is he going to say closing) nope, they’re HIRING!  Your attitude, your mindset and what you choose to see is on you and it is some really powerful shit!

So you drink the poison and think it’s over (despite historical trends of ups and downs)! Well what is your plan? Ride it out until the end? Jump at the first offer?  Gambler or practical or are you a sucker that thinks you’ll be taken care of once the doors are shuttered?  

I knew almost a full month before my last store closed, I interviewed, I networked and I found a futuristic retailer I liked, believed in, and took the job.  

The dude they had take over my old store didn’t get told it was closing until his 3rd day, but if I knew then you can bet the powers that be knew!  They gave him enough time to start to motivate and inspire and then said BTW bro…. 

He’s a really good guy, so my advice to him was to keep his chin up but his eyes open, and write down a plan (WRITE IT DOWN) if you don’t write down your ideas then they have no life.  

For you in retail limbo or thinking retail is over and not simply just growing and improving, I say the same… Write down what you want to be, who you are, and go after it with full passion.  If you stay in retail, help be a part of the solution!  The negativity won’t help stop change, it won’t make it any less scary!  

Create a new and engaging experience, create a beautiful show room for your product, have your teams on point, educated and fully embracing their roles!  One of my former colleagues said “if you have to motivate your staff then you have the wrong staff”

 Out of chaos comes order, be positive and focus on recreating what we let become complacent, SERVICE, real customer focused service with pride! 

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