Started out my LinkedIn day with “Today is the day you push yourself. It’s not what you think about, it’s what action you take! Don’t live in your head, live in the moment! Don’t think about it, do it! With a positive attitude and positive action you will make difference today on your life and someone else’s!”  

I always aspire to inspire and today I perspired!

I spent my day climbing on top of shelves in my new stock room and I found a sealed box of 400 earring boxes for piercing pagoda… 1. I don’t work in Piercing Pagoda 2. The box was shoved in a corner 20 ft off the ground covered in two inches of dust 3. When I brought it to the girls at the piercing pagoda (embarrassed and awkwardly) I was told that they were used 7-10 years ago!  Most times the cheapest person is also the laziest, in this case superior lazy!  Everything should have a place and an order.  You need to start showing that you’re looking in the details, glancing a paper trail while your managers are hiding mistakes and oh I found 5 ink cartridges (I assume $120 a piece) tucked away in three different places. Watch your people, train them, make them better!  DM’s have enough in their plates make sure if you’re managing a store your doing your job.  Don’t be a part of the problem! 

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