Painful lessons to avoid… 

So I dabbled in starting a small business consulting gig, I was approached by the owner of an amazing, really unique, forward thinking concept two years back. This was just after our Tea & Spice shop closed up, and I was wanting to help, and make some money off of everything I’ve learned.

I set up a daily business opening program for them, an employee guide with expectations and how to hire, I wrote up and provided a dozen solid ideas of where I saw strengths and weaknesses and how to market to the right audience. I spent time with his employees and created visuals for his store, this immediately increased traffic into the shop.

Business isn’t a sprint, it’s hardly a marathon, it is more like a jog or a crawl when you are starting without a plan, and just a really great innovative ideas.   From the start he had a homeless guy searching inappropriate sites and pretending to me a marketer (the guy had credentials but he also lost his marbles and never found it).  His employee had never worked retail before and couldn’t sell a bottle of water to a dehydrated billionaire, believe me if I had more time and authority the store wouldn’t be in a black hole of lawsuits and landlord litigation.

Sadly some like to learn the hard way.

Rule 1.  If you don’t have a plan written down then you don’t have a plan at all!  If you haven’t sat and gone over questioning every word at least three times, if you haven’t played devils advocate or worst case scenario and write it all out then prepare to fail. It’s that simple, no shit.  Pound through your ideas, find the worst case scenario and find the best outcome.  I once said to Tucker Barnes on Fox 5 News that doing the weather was his job he get paid to do it, not me… on live TV.  Still generated a lot of business for our little tea and spice shop, but you got to be honest… people are losing honesty to avoid hurting feelings.  Out of Pain comes relief, out of chaos comes calm, and rebuilding, but having an ego and not being able to let go costs you a lot of money and time in Lawyer bills. Be real, learn from people that want to help you, and let the people that know what they’re doing do their jobs!

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