Rough retail lessons 

1. SWAT is dead, infinite options are available at the click of a button. Solution; allocation to specific stores with specific needs (trust and talk to your managers they talk to your customers more then you). Then do lessons 2,3, & 4 consistently!
2. Service before customer, teach your employees high standards, remind them that they are in the service industry. That servers are friendly, accommodating, comfortable, and knowledgeable! Most of all… they are there to SERVE. 
3. Teach; constantly train yourself and associates on every aspect of the product. Role play, show them, engage them, joke with them, this way they understand what they are talking about with confidence!  
4. Respect the WORK respect the WORKER! Your bigger paycheck doesn’t mean you work less it means you work harder. Paperwork won’t ever make a sale or build morale, but working side by side with a staff, stocking shelves and helping out when they are slammed will set up success for the entire team, so you can’t use a POS, you can help recover, talk to customers, anything to help keep things moving! If you walk into a store and passed your staff while they are slammed with customers so you can do an audit then you aren’t part of any solution. #noretailapocalypse #motivation

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