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Might as well jump right in to the fire! My name is John, and I have had one heck of an awesome life, and it gets better and worse everyday! I made the follow the paycheck choice of working in retail, and I am honestly damn good at it. Lately my friends and some colleagues are hash tagging this #RETAILAPOCALYPSE… At first it was annoying, then it had me worried for many reasons, but the main one is that there is still a TON of POSITIVE things happening, and if you follow the links you’ll see that the stories are mostly written by people that don’t work in Retail, and are probably getting their facts from analyzing a spread sheet or reading someone else that doesn’t work the front lines blog.

That stupid hashtag is bringing people down, it’s making them sad, creating even worse customer service, and making managers complacent, it is starting to create a terrible collective consciousness and I quite frankly I think that we lifer retailers are all smarter then to drink the current Jim Jones grape flavored Flavor Aid (sorry folks it wasn’t Kool-Aid).

Out of Destruction and Disorder will come rebirth, I’ve been rebuilt myself!

First of all the big bad internet is not killing brick and mortar retail on it’s own, stores battling their online presence for returns and having no cooperation between the two concepts for the same fucking company, mall managements are filling spaces with crazy ass kiosks with hyper (borderline assaulting) people attacking every customer that passes by for a sample of beauty cream (Hellllooooo Ms. America, let me ask you a question… Seriously WTF ask anyone in Tysons Corner Center in Northern Virginia and they will validate that line), they are charging new, niche start ups the same amount of rent as a hundred year old established brand and that is kind of a jerk thing to do, and my absolute WORST true killer of retail of all is the complete lack of product training, customer service training, attention to appearance and judging everything off a K.P.I.

The only good with this Hashtag crap is that it will offer the real future leaders, dedicated and forward thinkers a way to reinvigorate and transform themselves and teams into a new experience!

                                              Welcome to the new retail 101.

I’m sick of hearing, and reading so much negativity and doom and gloom surrounding a profession that takes a talent most don’t have. Building relationships,creating experiences, using our words and silences like Mozart used his hands. Retail was a show, and it is time we started looking at brick and mortar as just one of it’s stages. This is my platform to start sharing and gaining fresh ideas to publish, to use as a training tool for the next generation of retail professionals (sorry to disappoint the #RETAILAPOCALYPSE folks who want to depress, and direct great people into fearful, morose, unbalanced doomsayers.

Attitude and perspective are what we control! Like all disasters, all chaos, and upheavals, positive solutions can be and most likely will be the outcome when we pull together focus on the real problems, not sugar coat them just because the truth might hurt. Brick and Mortar will not die, you might lose your job but NEVER LOSE YOUR PERSPECTIVE ON WHO YOU REALLY ARE… Together we can be a part of changing attitudes, changing our lives, changing perceptions, and creating the new retail 101.



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